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  Serving the Midwest with quality black oxide finishing.  Specializing in the blackening of Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass and Bronze, and Cast Steel.

Vibratory Metal Finishing

De-burring and finishing manufactured metal parts by hand is costly and labor intensive with a result that is inconsistent in overall surface definition and finish.

The latest addition to our finishing capabilities is the "Vibratory Metal Finishing" process. Vibratory finishing has been revolutionized with chemistries that have brought about the development of new compounds. These compounds in conjunction with the wide variety of available media dramatically enhance the effectiveness of vibratory finishing, creating the ability to de-burr and apply functional or decorative finishes to many different types of metals and alloys with consistent precision. This process replaces the "outdated" process of hand finishing metal and alloy parts

We have access to many different forms of finishing compounds and media. Each type specifically designed to apply the correct surface definition and precise finish for your product.

Functional / Decorative Finishes

De-burr • Radius Edges • Casting Conditioning • De-scale • Burnishing • Rust Removal • De-flashing • Size Reduction • Stress Relief • Surface Refinement • Polish • Scratch Patterns • Non-reflective Surfacing